I wanted to drink desperately and even found myself considering suicide. It seemed like we would not only lose each other but also our fledgling sobriety. After about seven months of not drinking, we hit a turning point in our relationship. It has been nearly one year since his last drink. It has been over a year since he last hit me. Yet it has been 11 years since I have truly felt safe, since I have truly felt loved.

Melanie Griffith on marriage and the road to sobriety – AARP

Melanie Griffith on marriage and the road to sobriety.

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We were trying to get better, and everything was getting worse. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ism carries with it relentless punishments. The destruction lingers long after we drink our last drop.

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The most challenging decision I had to consider was whether to stay or leave the relationship. Though I did not doubt that we loved each other, the chaos of addiction had eroded our trust in each other, and my life no longer felt my own.

When my first child was born in 2007, it took everything I had to not run from caring for him. I am the daughter of one person with alcohol addiction and another with a substance addiction. And, before I got pregnant, I hadn’t been with my son’s father, who is now my husband (we’ll get to that later) long enough to know if I wanted something long-term.

Married to an Addict in Recovery? You’re Not Alone

If these marriage changes after sobriety seem to be a problem for your spouse in recovery, then individual and couples therapy could be beneficial. Setting boundaries with a person in recovery is just as important as setting boundaries with someone in active addiction. This is because of the reality that they may relapse again. It’s also important to hold your spouse accountable for their behavior in recovery. Explore the following tips for spouses who are married to an addict in recovery to better support yourself and their recovery process.

Is alcoholism a good reason for divorce?

Alcoholism is a common reason why people seek a divorce. Yes, alcoholism can be grounds for divorce in states where at-fault divorces are legal, such as New York and Texas. Even in states like California, where there is no at-fault divorce filing, alcoholism can affect divorce-related rulings, such as child custody.

I hired my own therapist, who accompanied me for almost five years. I had never before sought this kind of support. I also attended the Al-Anon fellowship, where I found kindred spirits. A high-functioning alcoholic crushing the stigma & evolving.

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For almost a year and a half, we experienced a new kind of rollercoaster until he found the proper medication and acceptance of its place as part of his treatment. Once he felt comfortable again, his smile and warmth returned along with a new playfulness.