It’s important to hire candidates who have a proven track record of creating quality work. You can also ask candidates to submit a sample project, which you can use to judge their proficiency and expertise in Go. We needed a expert engineer who could start on our project immediately. Thus, if you want to hire a professional Go developer but face the problem of a tech talent shortage, then hiring contractors from other countries may be the answer. Besides, this solution is also cost-effective because you will not have to spend money on office rentals, equipment, and bonuses—you pay only for the services. Now thatRead More →

Content Word History Learn more with severity noun Importance of Risk Severity assessment Examples of severity Bug Severity vs Priority LEARN The eRISK module lets you create a Risk Register where you can track the Risks of your project. You can assign each Risk a severity level and track the Risk Severity over time. If you want to learn more about the eRISK module of ECLIPSE Suite, contact us today for a free demo. To close this discussion, it is important to mention that impact, and not severity, ought to be used to prioritize the handling of events and incidents. Let us consider bug severityRead More →

Contents What is the Agile transformation roadmap? The Importance of Project (Not Sprint!) Retrospectives Predictive vs Adaptive Project Management — What’s your pick? Scale difficulty levels Using a Testing Group as a Basis for Synergies So they came together to write the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Their idea was that software development should value collaboration and response to change over hard-set processes and contract negotiations. Companies that built single software products adopted this new way of thinking quickly, but many agencies working on client projects weren’t so quick to pick it up. While a waterfall approach may work well for simple, straightforward projects, itRead More →