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PS. Do you have any creative ways that you’ve gotten new clients for your business? It can be a free half hour consultation with a potential client to determine their situation and give some advice. I’m not endorsing you to give away everything at this meeting. Instead, use this as an opportunity to see if they’re a right fit for your business. Services like Moo make it easy to order unconventional business cards. Be creative with the material, colours, fonts and paper weight that you use with your business card to land more clients.

  • It’s written for marketing agencies but applies to any professional service.
  • I was researching client intake forms for bookkeeping when I came across your site.
  • Be sure you apply to shows where your audience hangs out, not just shows on your industry.
  • Apart from learning the essential bookkeeping concepts, you also need to learn and become comfortable with accounting software.

You may also record any transactions manually, such as customer invoices, customer payments, deposits, payroll, sales tax, and other such transactions. Another possibility is to use apps to bring in transactions into QuickBooks. This could mean using receipt capture apps, accounts payable and accounts receivable automation, or payroll management apps. One of the biggest questions I’m asked about working with clients virtually is how we get clients to sign documents or to sign our engagement letter. Once all of this is done, we begin service, but only after everything else has been taken care of. We don’t start a client if we don’t have everything we need from them.

Hunt on Job Sites

Be there to show your network that you know about accounting and you are willing to work with them. Also, consider addressing a lead gen agency if you experience trouble with lead research, or your sales team can’t allocate time and resources for both prospecting and sales presentations. LinkedIn is an effective recruiting instrument, but companies still use job portals to find specialists. You can try international resources like Indeed, Glassdoor, or CareerBuilder. There you can see job listings for free and respond through the website. Or if they don’t show all the details, at least you’ll get the company name and be able to email a pitch. Make a LinkedIn post or an article highlighting how your work helps customers and ask them to share it.

While there are many reasons a ad might not perform well, you can quickly blow your budget attempting to optimize your ads. Developing a niche also allows you to charge premium fees as a specialist who understands the needs of a certain type of client. Premium fees mean more profit in your pocket and they also mean you need fewer clients to reach your goals, making your marketing task easier. A great way to do this is to become certified with your accounting software and join a partner program. Most accounting software tools offer training and certification, which can give your clients confidence that you know your stuff.

Focus on a Niche

This may not be your favorite tip on the list, but it’s a great way to get your name out there, and it’s exactly what I did when I was just starting out. Get actionable sales advice read by over 200,000 sales professionals every week. Start your free, 14-day trial of Close today and see how this agile system can help you get even more accounting clients. Of course, to make sure your ads are providing a decent ROI, you need to make sure you have clear, specific customer profiles. When attending these events, the goal is not to sell yourself on the spot. In fact, one of the most effective sales networking hacks is to sell nothing at all. Your taxes for this year are ready to be filed, and everything looks like it’s in order.

  • There are quite a few different ways you can network in person.
  • We don’t start a client if we don’t have everything we need from them.
  • Many of the methods they have used successfully not only attract new clients but also pre-qualify them, so you get connected with prospective clients who are the best possible fit.
  • I want to be self employed in my proffession but one who fits in the 21st century technology.

Say you’re based in Brisbane; the next time someone googles ‘best accountants Brisbane’, you want to be the first link on the search page. Look for business startups by volunteering for organizations such as your local Small Business Development Center or SCORE which provide free or low-cost consulting to business owners. A trusted advisor becomes an integral part of the client’s business, often leading to referrals and long-term client relationships. Choose one advisory service to offer and build from there. Small business owners can utilize a variety of unique ways to promote their local businesses. Read more about the top concepts to connect with your customers.


It’s important that you are thinking of your own business as a complete solution to your client. You are not just providing accounting and bookkeeping services, you are providing much more than that. Think about what you want your bookkeeping business or accounting firm to achieve by that target date. Are you ready to work successfully with virtual bookkeeping clients? Follow the five keys that I’ve given you in this blog post on how to work virtually with bookkeeping clients.

With over 722 million users, there are many reasons why LinkedIn is the go-to site for financial professionals and other professionals looking to build their network. Consider yourareas of expertise and interestand what kind of connections you might already have to the niche or industry you will target.

Incentivise referrals

How do bookkeepers get clientsing your roster of clients is the bread and butter to any business. Being able to do this quickly and effortlessly is key, especially as your time is so precious.

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The 80/20 rule is a great rule to follow for social media. This means that 80% of your content should be informative, while only 20% is directly related to sales. This way, you will develop an organic following that will come to value your content and then convert to customers over time. Now you know how to get new bookkeeping clients quickly and within your budget. Private bookkeepers and small companies can ask for referrals, use content marketing, and engage SMM specialists. The most effective investment for medium and big players is hiring a lead generation agency that will find qualified bookkeeping leads within a few months. Be open-minded about additional services that you could offer that may increase opportunities for more leads.

Use proposal software

Which means you would end up with the wrong kind of bookkeeping clients. By doing so, you’ll start to get known in those social media circles and you’ll start to get people connecting with you. Collect business cards from every new business owner you meet. The next day, hop on to LinkedIn, sort through them, and connect with all business owners you met and send a personalized message.